Frequently Asked Question

  • Trade like an expert– enjoy the performance of experienced traders without becoming one yourself. Follow our signals and automated trading bot and benefit from what works for them.

Save time and resources – no need to waste your time on countless trading courses.

  • Diversify– Manage multiple investments at the same time.

Avoid human error – there is little to no human physical intervention.

  • Gain access to market experts and follow their trading activity.
  • Learn from the best and watch how they operate.
  • Receive real-time notifications and alerts.

Yes, you can open new trades manually as well as close/modify any of the positions at any time through the broker’s MT4 MT5 terminal/App. is a signal and automated trading services that helps you automate your trading. We do not have any control over your funds, which you deposit straight to your broker’s account with one of our regulated broker partners. This is the reason we work only with regulated brokers, to ensure the safety of your money.

  1. restrictions?

Yes. There is no lock-down period, you can withdraw at any time for any reason. You just need to give a direct order to the broker and you can make as many partial withdrawals as you need

Yes, you can sign up for a 30-day Free trial with no obligations. Our trial helps you get acquainted with our automated trading solution.

After your free trial expires our signal service fees monthly 100$, you can pay it from Telegram.

Copy trading

Copy trading enables users to automatically copy positions opened by an experienced trader, who trades on the various financial markets. This method is carried out using computer systems that connects to both brokers and users, with the experienced trader in the middle. With copy trading, the investor has the ability to automatically “copy” every operation executed by another trader, in order to replicate his performance on his own personal account. It is based on finding a trader that meets a user’s criteria and then configuring the platform settings to start copying their actions.

Expert Advisors (EA)

An Expert Advisor system collects vast amounts of data and process it to create a complex model based on a set of pre-defined YES/NO rules. It analyzes charts of the assets on which it operates and collects data from indicators according to the defined strategy. When identifying the direction of the trend and the point at which to open a transaction, it calculates the size of the transaction according to the size of the account and the level of risk. It then manages it according to what is happening in the market and according to strategy rules, before ending the position.

Algorithmic trading

Algorithmic trading works by using very complex algorithms and sophisticated trading systems that carry out buying and selling operations in milliseconds. Automated trading activity carried out by algorithms exists in both trading robots and online trading platforms. These sophisticated factors can detect market movements and factors at peak speed and may perform thousands of operations before a human trader could notice and start operating.

Automated trading platform is a system that can stand alone or integrate with existing trading platforms (like MT4). It serves as a marketplace with a wide range of strategies from which the customer can choose one or more and automatically copy the trading activity directly to their own trading account.