16-years of trading expertise available at your hand

“We have encountered all the hardships and losses required to develop the ultimate winning trading strategies so you don’t have to. The trading signals we provide are based on the unique trading approach that have been constantly tested through the market conditions, volatility, and most importantly, time.

Our main goal is to not only make profit ourselves, but to save our customers’ time and money by sharing what we know directly to you with minimal delay.”

What We Do


Telegram signals

Highly profitable signals provided with zero delay

Trading bot

Seamlessly coded bots that are able to perform the signals to its full potential

Custom indicators

Indicators that will give you an edge over the market

Forex training

Variation of training courses available in Mongolia


Best for new traders who wants to test our services before purchasing


Best for new traders who wants to test our services before purchasing





Lead trader

Axe is one of if not the most well-known trader in the region. He has been actively trading since 2005, and is well respected by fellow traders in his region for his unique approach of trading, market philosophy, as well as his highly accurate technical analysis skills. He is a highly advanced mathematician who combined his technical skills with his trading experience to acquire the trading strategies we use today to provide profitable signals.


Full time trader

Bold started trading in 2012 and has been a full time trader since 2015. He is an emotionally strong trader who has track record of 914% growth for the past 5 years. Bold is also the co-founder of a forex training firm that has over 1000 paid clients and is well respected by his clients. Not only is he an experienced trader, he also specializes in Marketing and business development – being appointed to high level management duties for major group companies in his country in the past. He is in charge of Marketing duties for Forexsignal.us team.


Full time trader

Pugi has been a full-time trader for over a decade. He specializes in scalp trading and mostly trades in timeframes below 15M. Pugi is also the co-founder of the same forex training firm along with Bold. During his trading career Pugi has achieved not only profit for himself but helped hundreds of traders achieve their goals through Copytrading. He is in charge of customer service team at Forexsignal.us.


Full time trader

Tsengel has a trading experience of 10 years and is one of the main technical analysts in our team. He is well known for his near perfect technical analysis and trend evaluation skills on all timeframes. His unique approach of technical analysis pairs well with the one of Axe’s which produces the best trading strategies available on the market.


Front end developer

Tse is an skilled web designer and forex trader. Tse has started his trading career in 2012, and have been a consistently profitable swing trader since then. He specializes in bringing our clients the best user experience possible through our website and thrives to make our trading performances as transparent as possible to our clients.


Lead developer

Our lead developer is a young prodigy who specializes in bringing what Axe has to offer into reality through coding . Buvei is a Princeton University graduate and holds a degree in computer science. He is also considered one of the brightest and most talented professionals in his region.